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Information, articles and useful links for Singapore parents

Go-Go Bambini believes that a good relationship between parent and child is paramount to the development of your child. Maintaining work-life balance and open lines of communication are increasingly challenging in today’s world and that’s why we advocate spending quality time with your family. Do something together at least once a week and learn to have fun with your kids. Play is good for everyone.

The articles, information and links below are all aimed at helping you and your child.

Mean Kids and Bullies: How You Can Help

Q. My daughter insists she wants to play with the two girls who live next door but she comes home every time highly emotional and upset. I watch them without her around and the older one is extremely mean to the younger one. I am not sure how to avoid this situation, or what to say to my daughter. I don't understand why she wants to play with kids who are clearly mean and not willing to play reciprocally. She has reported that other kids at school don’t want to play with her. I think she might be bullying at school, having learned this behavior from the neighborhood kids.

Ease the Transition of Moving to a New Home

Whether you are moving across to a new country or across town, this can be a stressful time for the whole family. Here are a few things to think about as you prepare for and make your way through this major transition.

Air your own feelings so you can set an open and positive tone for the children

Teaching our Kids Internet Safety

Talking to Your Child About Natural Disasters

Six Steps to Stress Free Parenting (well, almost!)

When Sharing Doesn't Come Easily

Here, we take a look at the subject of how you can help a child who tends to take toys away from others, and how to help a child who tends to have things taken away, and can't stand up for himself.

Why children tend to grab

We're Doing Our Best

I'm struck again and again by how hard each parent I know tries to do well by his child. We make great efforts, moment by moment and day by day. Once the efforts begin, we never stop caring. We never stop trying. We never stop noticing how we're doing. And we frequently worry about how our children are doing.

Start School Days with Special Time

On busy school day mornings, we try to send our children off with love. We sandwich “I love you. Have a good day! between “Where's my homework?” and “Can you pick me up after soccer practice?” We've got a suggestion that can help you build the feel of your love into a child’s morning routine, so you can actually accomplish your goal.

Ahhh, Summer!

Ahhh, Summer! What do you remember of the lazy days of summer when you were a child? What were the best times? What did you look forward to all year long? What new experiences did you have that taught you new things about the world, your talents, and yourself?

Six 'Hows' of Choosing Good Books For Your Children to Read

Selecting a book for children to read can be quite a difficult decision. Often you will make mistakes about choosing books such as choosing books that interest you more, are too difficult for your child, don't interest your kid. This article looks at six factors to help you choose books with more success.

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